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 100% Pure New Zealand

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1. New Zealand is situated south –east of Australia. The country consists of three large islands called North Island, South Island and Stewart Island and also many small islands. It is washed by the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean

2. New Zealand is a self-governing state and a member of the Commonwealth. The Governor-General represents the King or the Queen of England. The Parliament of the country consists of the House of Representatives. The Prime Minister heads the cabinet. The main political parties are the Labour Party and the National Party of New Zealand.

3. New Zealand’s natural resources are not rich- timber, coal, natural gas, iron, building materials and fast rivers on which hydro-electric stations have been built. The country produces goods of different kinds both for her own needs and for export.

4. The climate in New Zealand is warm and the greater part of the country is well watered. The north of the North Island is subtropical but not too hot. The east and north of both islands have a lot of sunny days, but much rain falls on the west coast.

5. The main cities are Wellington (the capital), Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin. The population of New Zealand is over four million people, more than two thirds of whom live in North Island. About 50 percent live in the four cities of Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin and Wellington.
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100% Pure New Zealand
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